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Design Build is Simply Better.

CHC Builders Mission- To simplify with integrated design & construction services, delivering the best results based on your expectations. We achieve customer satisfaction in each step of the building process-Planning, Design, Project Management, and Construction.

CHC develops a project mission based on your requirements, goals, and most importantly -- your budget. Our network of reliable skilled trades professionals and CHC’s in-house project managers ensure every detail of your design plan is carefully crafted and on-time.

The design build method inspires collaboration between the architect and builder, while influencing the benefits of value engineering. These benefits include, incorporating scientifically advanced materials and methods to increase the lasting dependability and performance of the building.

CHC leads the industry with design build expertise promoting on-time delivery, maximizing return on investment, and providing competitive standards of quality. CHC offers expert advice and cost analysis before you begin your construction project free of charge. Please contact Dan Schaefer @ (919) 669-4879 to set-up your initial consultation.